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An innovative advertising and promotion method using smartphone photo printing.
Implement highly effective advertising using
SELPIC kiosks available around the country.

Your ads will be noticed
continuously on multiple occasions. 

Users watch ads 100% while sending photos via the SELPIC app,
and also are exposed to ads while printing their photos at kiosks.
The ads are recognized repeatedly. 

1st Recognition - Mobile Ads

셀픽 앱 프로세스

2nd Recognition - Kiosk Ads


The monitor draws a user's attention for photo printing even

in small spaces.

Intensive advertising

targeting users


Various content can

be exposed

on double monitors,

with a combination of

videos and images.

Main banner ad exposure

in the first page right after users open their app.

(Various images can be displayed using rolling banner ads.)

Additional ads exposed through

a completion banner after a photo is printed.

Users can be led to another page by

clicking the banner. 

(Landing on a specific page through a URL link)

Multiple content exposure on the monitor

Users watch ads repeatedly

as the ads are displayed continuously

while a photo is printed (30 seconds per photo).

SELPIC ads are shown
on kiosks and mobile at the same time.

바이오늘 광고

Mobile Ad - Banner + Push

Kiosk Ad - Display

모바일광고 예시

An integrated ad platform
that can satisfy both advertisers and users

Ad Specifications



As an image service technical player,
the SELPIC service is protected by a patented advanced technology.


A profitable APC smart system based on image output

Applied in 2021  /

Patent No. 10-2466668

Profirable APC smart system based

on image output

1) Cloud-based kiosk through QR code / unique kiosk no. / list calling.

Patented inter-user photo transmission

and free/paid photo printing.

2) Patented advertising technology customized for users


Offline easy payment system and method

Applied in 2021 /

Patent No. 10-2409860

Patented offline credit card payment system technology for mobile service through server mediation control.

A hybrid payment system allowing orders to be placed on personal mobile devices and payment to be made using a real credit card at kiosks.


Invisible sealing NFT image trading activation system

Applied in 2021 /

Patent No. 10-2455412

Patent on invisible sealing

NFT image conversion

control module technology.

Copyright protection and authentication

for images provided by

users within cloud, tracking and reporting mechanism on World Wide Web.

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